Friday, October 23, 2009

over 50 investing

I started this blog on the premise that the financial needs of someone very close to retirement age are much different than someone who is more than 15 years away from retirement.

I also understand that the financial meltdown of 2008 changed the future significantly for many baby boomers. Many thought they had enough saved for an enjoyable retirement but 40% or more of their savings melted away. So, now these people need to work longer, if they can.

Also, I think there is a large number of people who had little or now retirement savings when they crossed the 50 year old line or later. Their plight is not much different than that of many in the past. History repeats itself. We never learn.

Here is a pretty good article about what to do when you are....

Retirement on Not Much: What to Do if You’re Over 50 and Broke

Greg Cryns
20000 Credit Card Debt